Specialist Services

At Timeframe Group, we want to give ourselves the skills to handle any situation and that’s why we have invested in training our team for a range of specialist services. Some of the specialist services we provide are:

Line Marking: we are can provide a line marking service for most applications. We have experience in road marking, line marking for carparks, safety line marking in factories and industrial settings, line marking for sporting ovals and facilities and wheel stops. We aim to stay on top of the latest technologies in line marking and we are investing in line marking solutions that are more reflective and longer lasting than current options. We are versed in the latest Australian Standards and regulations regarding line marking and you can be sure of a compliant service.

Heritage and Restoration Painting: heritage and restoration work is a special passion of ours. We won the 2012 Master Painters Award for Excellence, Commercial Project of the Year award for our restoration of the 1832 heritage listed Young Post Office. We understand the care and attention to detail that needs to go into heritage and restoration painting. We love returning buildings to their former glory and we are always careful not to destroy the past in our efforts to improve the present. We have a depth of experience in the application of heritage colours and understand what is suitable and what works for particular properties.

Lead Awareness: we ensure our team has the latest training in lead awareness. Not only does this keep them safe but it will also help us to inform clients of potential dangers relating to lead based paint in their property. Safety is our top priority and we feel it is our responsibility to use our knowledge to inform people of potential dangers and then safely remove them. Lead awareness is especially important if your property was built pre-1978.

Rope Access: we don’t want any obstacle to prevent us from making your paintjob vision a reality. That’s why we have trained our staff in rope access, or abseil painting. Our skills in this area helped us to complete a job for the Cento shopping centre in Rosedale, a job that we received the 2011 Master Painters Award for Excellence, Commercial Project of the Year. Skills in this area allow us to reach places that other painting companies can’t or won’t.

Waterproofing: a failure to waterproof correctly can spell big trouble. We can assist during all stages of the project to ensure that critical areas are waterproofed safeguarding your new paintjob. Our technical expertise ensures you can place total faith in the work we leave behind. We have worked on numerous waterproofing projects and our clients range from residential home owners to commercial body corporate managed apartment blocks, builders, engineers, schools and colleges, hospitals, city and rural councils and local state and federal government institutions and many more.

All of these services will be provided with the Timeframe Group commitment to excellence, respect for the customer and respect for the trade. We love what we do and we love providing a quality service and the perfect finished product to our clients.

We also offer services in: