Our Awards

Our commitment to absolute excellence in our field has seen us take out the Master Painters Award of Excellence, Commercial Project of the Year award for five years running. We apply the same level of care, attention to detail and respect for our clients’ wishes on every job and this means we’re always a contender for this award. Here’s a look at the way we achieved our first four awards.

This building had fallen into a state of disrepair. It sat next to a busy main road and hadn’t been painted for 12 years. The owners wanted to restore the building to its former glory, so people would enjoy coming to work there. The building is in the middle of a heavily polluted area so extensive preparation was required to remove years of pollutant buildup. We used 7 different colours, both generic and electrostatic, and also retouched all the line marking. The end product is a refreshed and inviting place to visit and work.

2011 – Centro, Roselands

This job presented its fair share of challenges. We had to communicate extensively with management to make sure we didn’t impact on trading hours. Our team worked day and night to ensure we delivered the job on time and with minimal disruption to the function of the shopping centre. We called on all our expertise to finish the job and even used specialty techniques, like abseil painting, to navigate the challenges that the building presented.

2012 – Young Post Office

This 1832 heritage listed post office required special attention. Working with a heritage building is all about respecting the history of the building and working to rejuvenate rather than change. The weather made painting difficult. We worked during the middle of winter and the extremely cold conditions meant we turned to cold climate paint so it could dry.

2013 - Paddington Boutique Café

This job had a clear mission statement, turn a drab old university café into a modern, boutique café. We had to get everything finished by opening day and we were careful not to run over time and delay the opening. We took care of all the interior painting, working to the minimalist but inviting décor that the owners wanted. A special feature was our painting of the floating timber floorboards. We used a specialist paint that was dark but picked up the light of the room giving the whole room a warm, inviting and luxurious feeling.

2014 – Centro, Roselands

In 2014, Timeframe Group won the Award For Excellence in Decorative Finishes (Commercial) under $30,000 at Centro Roselands Shopping Centre. This award recognises elements such as the quality of surface preparation, cleanliness of fittings and fixtures, evenness of finish, artistic skill and technical capability, cutting in and overall effect and visual appeal. Timeframe Group was able to present a perfectly finished job that upheld superior standards in all these areas.

2015 – Multiple Awards

Timeframe Group’s versatility and commitment to quality is evident in our strong performances in the Masters Painters Award of Excellence. We’ve taken out numerous titles and continue to be nominated year after year, continuing our success in the 2015 Master Painters Awards for Excellence. We have been named as a finalist in five categories for the 2015 awards, including:

  • Texture Coating Finishes
  • Multi-Unit (Residential) Repaint Under $100,000
  • Heritage and Restoration (Commercial) Over $30,000
  • Difficult Access
  • Commercial Repaint Under $100,000

2016 – Hammondcare Nursing Home, Hammondville

TFG was awarded the 2016 Master Painters Award of Excellence in the category of Best Commercial Repaint. Located in Sydney’s south-west, the Hammondville Nursing Home is HammondCare’s first and largest residential aged care facility.